Guitar Lessons or Teach Yourself?

You’ve just purchased your first guitar and you’re excited to sit down and begin learning. You’ve seen others play. You’re pretty savy and you think to yourself, I can do this! By now you’re aware of the vast resources on youtube and the like, so you sit down with guitar in hand and begin typing  in ‘guitar lessons’ into your search engine. Thousands of sites come up and you realize you’re going to have to do a little ‘surfing’ to find your first meaningful lesson. Still enthusiastic, you pour through various sites like ‘free guitar lessons’, ‘learn guitar in a day,’ ‘guitar tricks and secrets’, and of course the thousands if not millions of youtube posts of some guy sitting on the edge of his bed, his baseball cap on backwards, showing you how to play a guitar chord or speed metal solo.

After awhile, you realize that this approach is cumbersome at best. Your fingers may be painfully sore and this certainly wasn’t as easy as you once thought. Maybe you’ve made some progress and you’re able to ‘hang in’ for awhile but sooner or later a couple things start to become apparent; you think this just isn’t your bag or you find yourself dead ended and not knowing where to turn next.

But are guitar lessons the answer? Well, yes and no. Just like online guitar lessons, anyone can call themselves a guitar teacher. So, what do you look for? and how do you choose a guitar program that will provide correct information in a well paced manner?


Do your research, ask questions, compare programs, and don’t choose a guitar program soley based on price.

On my online guitar lesson site I answer a lot of common questions asked by beginning guitarists and parents alike.  Be sure to check out the guitar FAQ, Parent Corner, (if you are looking for guitar lessons for your child), and The Method pages. If you haven’t purchased your guitar yet, a read through ‘Choosing A Guitar’ is well worth the time.

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