The Sun Valley Jazz Festival

This past weekend my husband and I ventured up to the Sun Valley Jazz Festival in Sun Valley, ID We had the opportunity to perform with the Boise,  based big band The Kings Of Swing. (Grant played drums and I played guitar).


It is always a real treat to get to play together and it’s even better still when it’s jazz. But I would have to say the audienc was the icing on the cake. People were staking out their seats two hours in advance and the dance floor was full from the downbeat to the very last note. As we played our two hour Glen Miller show I couldn’t help but notice the shear joy on the faces of the dancers and listeners alike.


That’s one of the things I like best about playing music; watching people have fun. I don’t know what it is but there seems to be something extra special about the generation that grew up with this music. As I looked over the crowd from my view up on stage it almost seemed like we were back in the early forties again. As we played ballads like Moonlight Serenade and toe tappers like Chattanooga Choo Choo and Little Brown Jug aged faces became young again and feet that struggled to move weary bodies from venue to venue earlier in the day delivered dance steps with graceful ease.


I can’t help but wonder what things will be like for my generation when we reach our golden years. I’m having a hard time imaging someplace like Sun Valley filling their venues with Disco lights, Big Hair Bands, and God forbid, seniors in spandex. There were a number of younger people in the crowd enjoying the music and dancing, at least enough to hold out hope that Big Band Music will have a following in the years to come.


If you missed the opportunity to pick up a copy of the Kings Of Swing new CD

Kings Of Swing

release self titled: The Kings Of Swing, you can visit their website at: It’s not Glen Miller but it has other great Big Band tunes!

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